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on the brink of super-stardom??

Posted on: April 7, 2008 11:47 pm
is it actually possible?? that a philly fan of 27 yrs like myself, that's right oct 21st, 1980 was the day i was born...... why do u think i'm named michael?? it was close.... i was almost "tug"..... but i was baptized on jan 25th 1981.... super bowl 15... i was too young to see the moses, dr J, mo cheeks, and andrew toney go "FO,FO,FO" i cried at age 13 when mitch williams arm finally died in '93. eric and allen who are both no longer here gave me some decent excitement and 1 final each, but came nowhere close to making it happen. the phils gave me some fun moments last year but i knew colorado's young lefties would get the job done. 1999, along came andy reid and dovovan mcnabb came with him.. i have loved both of them since that day... they have given me more excitement than most teams pray for but i am still yet to witness a championship.. the sixers then flyers just clinched playoff spots, but as much of a homer as i am, maybe the flyers can get out of the first round... and yet here i stand with a 93 profile score and a chance to reach the superstar level, and i just realized, there are no championships in posting blogs. GO PHILLY!!
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